Mall Memories

The only constant is change as we are reminded over and over. The "mall" as we know it today is changing too. In many areas malls are either demolished completely or are modified and updated to the point they no longer really qualify as a mall. The famous Mega-Malls from the mall glory days of the 70's and 80's are being demolished to make way for new retail shopping concepts. The most popular new concept? Lifestyle Centers. Some of the largest regional malls around are actually being converted by removing the roof! Presto Changeo - it's a Lifestyle Center!

One of the most famous malls of all time, the Sherman Oaks Galleria - known for it's role in movies like "Valley Girl", "Fast Times at Ridgemont High", "Commando" and others - has lost the roof and gone Lifestyle Center.

If the concept seems familiar, it's because we have been here before. Whats old is new again. The roof was added to the Lifestyle Centers of old to create the mall concept. Now, being back out in the elements has new appeal for shoppers. Who wants to be be dry and comfortable!? :)

Mall Memories is a place where YOU can share your favorite memories of your favorite malls, if they are still open and going strong, abandoned or even completely demolished.


This site does not work unless you participate by sharing your memories. Share your mall stories, pictures, videos - post them here for the shoppers of tomorrow to see what they missed in our retail world of today! Check out one of our newest posting here NaugatuckValleyMall and one of our newest contributors here Jim Shine.

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