Add Your Story

First off, if you are asked for a password use malls and 21 - without the and. We'll see if this helps keep the Wikispam out.

Did you spend your youth in a mall that is now demolished? Maybe you are one of the lucky ones and your favorite mall still exists and is doing well! Either way, we'd appreciate you adding the names of your mall(s) to this site - plus any pictures, memories, etc. that you may care to share.

Step 1

Here's what you do - check out the State page for your mall and see if it has the sample code in place. It should look similar to the code below:



%sidehead% Demolished Malls
*[[ Main/Mall Name 1 ]]

%sidehead% Active Malls
*[[ Main/Mall Name 2 ]]
*[[ Main/Mall Name 3 ]]
*[[ Main/Mall Name 4 ]]

%sidehead% Fading Malls
*[[ Main/Mall Name 5 ]]

%sidehead% Ababandoned Malls
*[[ Main/Mall Name 6 ]]

If the State page happens to be blank, just copy the above and paste into your page.

Step 2

To add a page, just edit where you see Mall Name1, Mall Name 2, etc to be YOUR malls name. When you have finished, click the Save button to save the page.

Step 3

If you have been following along, you should now see your mall name on the State page where it is/was located. It will have a dotted underline indicating the page has not yet been created.

Click your mall name and you should see a screen like the one below. This is where you tell your story.

Add the header lines shown, your name or initials, your comments and a short description of what you change was. Thats it! Congratulations and Thank you for helping Mall Memories build an online mall scrapbook!



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