Doug Force and MallMemories are projects of Doug Force.

And just who is Doug Force? Well, just a man with an opinion, really. I'm not a politician or a city leader or anyone with any public influence at all. I'm not a writer, a reporter or a historian. Just a guy with an opinion. That's what you will see on the hundreds of pages on this site - my opinion, and the opinions of others as well. This site is a "Wiki, a special type of web site that allows anyone to add their thoughts and memories. Yes this includes YOU! You don't have to agree with me - say what you think. But say it in a non-offensive way, i.e. no purposeful inflammatory language, etc.

Long hair is another project; Locks of Love with my daughters. I used to look respectable! :)

Start being ugly and you will find yourself outside the mall with no way back in.

Now don't misunderstand me here - save the "Politically Correct" BS mindset that is destroying this country's ability to be the BEST! (if we're the best someone HAS to be the WORST! If that's YOU and it OFFENDS YOU, go BE BETTER - don't WHINE that your feelings are hurt!). God save us from the people who would run the world on the basis of hurt feelings.

Say what you think, say it plain but don't be insulting.

White, Black, Hispanic - don't be afraid to say these words - clearly they are a part of our culture and our changing America. Certainly many feel that racial issues are a big factor in Mall failures. In one mall in Memphis, I did to, until I studied a Rhodes College report. Now, I think all people of all races in Memphis were played against each other for ratings by local media who inadvertently killed The Mall of Memphis by over reporting every crime and incident that happened nearby because "Mall of Murder" was such a "reportable" tag line phrase.

Look at the report - look at the numbers......why does Memphis have such "knowledge and perception" of the mall being so dangerous....yet we know so little about the truly dangerous malls?

What do you think?

I am a former Mall of Memphis store employee - I worked at Video Concepts after high school and before college - 1980 or so. It was an interesting time - the mall was in it's hayday and none of us knew it. It was a social gathering place, a dinner destination, a date stop for many an ice skater. For a time, it truly was the marketplace of the mid-south. But then things changed.Certainly not for the better. And it only went downhill from there. Who could have predicted it? Who could have stopped it?

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